Phelan, CA - May 22, 1999
San Diego Street Elite

From: "Ashton, Thomas V" 
Subject: NIMS #1
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 17:52:37 -0500

Fellow Masters:
Thanks for your patience and a special thanks to those who have gone ahead
and mailed in their entry fee anyway.  I know that took great faith in what
we are trying to do.  It has been an extremely trying week for me as I have
had to hustle to get yet another site after we lost Long Beach, and the
owners wouldn't make up their mind in Woodland Hills.  Anyway, the race will
be held in Phelan, Ca. at Gordon Hall's race track.  It is about 1.5 hours
from LA international airport.  The races will start at 8am instead of 7:30
to allow everyone a little bit more time to get there.  Registration will
open at 7am and warmups at 7:30.

The format will be:
8am	Masters Men 1800M
8:30	Master Women 1800M
8:45 	Open warmup
9:00 	Open races 15K
10:30	Open races 5K
Open races will be top 3 combined races with Masters scoring system and then
medals for 5 year age groups
11:00	Masters Men 15K
11:45	Masters Women 15K
1:00	Last man out (Open and Masters combined) Men (top 3 split
1:45	Last man out (Open and Masters combined) women (top 3 split
2:30	Awards Ceremony

Directions will be available on the USAIR webpage tomorrow (Tuesday).  In
general take 10E to 15NW to 395N to Phelan Rd. W for 8 miles to Eaby North
for 1 mile (just past smoke tree rd. on left.  There is vacancies at the
Pines motel 760-249-9931 and at the Mount View Motel 760-249-3553 both very
close to the race site.

There will be no pre race meal scheduled for this race.  However, there is a
BBQ style pre race dinner planned for the second NIMS race in St. Louis.

Please encourage other skaters to come out to this race and bring a friend.
We need 50 skaters to break even and have 30 entrants already paid.  If
everyone comes that has talked to me we should have well over 100!  Remember
even if you don't have your plane ticket there is  Also if
you are a member of Road Skaters International Tim Martin will be happy to
help you get that discount fare.

I will be calling those of you who paid more than 30 days ahead of time and
requested a free place to stay with who you will be staying with. 

If anyone needs a ride or to split a hotel room or has any special needs
don't hesitate to call me.

We have medals, we have t-shirts, we have hooded sweatshirts, we have
product from sponsors, we have the promised cash, and we have found and
purchased "The Cup".   Of course the series winner will walk home with that
traveling trophy!  So the only question I have is 

"Who's gonna drink from THE CUP?!?"

Thomas V Ashton
fax 314-298-0079

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