Friday Night Summer Racing Series
San Diego, CA - June 25 through Aug. 27, 1999     T   P   R   S
San Diego Street Elite


Friday Night Inline Racing
San Diego Velodrome

        This summer the SCVA and SDSE have added skate racing to the weekly Friday night bicycle races. Come by to compete or spectate. Skate and bicycle races will be intermixed in the evening schedules.
        Inline racing will take place on the apron at the bottom of the banked cycling track. Smooth asphalt, flat, level, 333m oval lap. New track lighting keeps the facility brightly lit after sunset.
        Events will change from week to week for variety. Points scored each week will be totalled at the end of the series for series awards. Additionally, non-scored mixed cycling/skating relays may be added for entertainment.

        3 inline races, exact formats TBA.

        * Classes may be divided further depending on the number of entrants.

        Small merchandise prizes.
        Points awarded in each event will be totalled to determine final placements in each class.
        Points earned each week will be totalled to determine series placements to be awarded on August 27.

        Every Friday night from June 25 through August 27, 1999, EXCEPT: August 13.
          6:30pm - Track and registration open.
          7:30pm - Races begin.
        10:00pm - Awards.

        San Diego Velodrome, Balboa Park, near downtown San Diego.
        Take I-8 and exit south on Texas Street between the 163 and 805 Freeways.
        Continue south on Texas Street for 2 miles to its end in Balboa Park.
        Park here between the swimming pool and tennis courts.
        Walk straight across Morley Field around the right side of the baseball fields to the Velodrome.

        $10 on-site day-of only. Flat fee includes all inline races that day.
        All entrants will be required to sign a liability waiver.
        Parent or legal guardian signature required for entrants under 18.
        Helmets mandatory. Other safety equipment recommended.

        For sponsor or other information:
            (858) 550-0180 - San Diego Street Elite Inline Racing Club
            (760) 809-8356 - Southern California Velodrome Association


Races to be held may be selected from, but is not limited to, the following list:

Sprint Elimination
Based on previous performance, skaters are seeded into 3- to 5-person heats, to be determined at the time of registration. Heats will be run with the winners advancing to Quarter, Semi, and Final sprint rounds. Non-qualifiers will compete in a consolation sprint final. Typical distances are 1000m to 2km.

Scratch Race
Event in which all competitors in a category start at once. The race is a fixed distance to be determined based off a standard time. Field limit is 20 skaters, and categories exceeding this limit will have a qualifying race. Typical distances are 3km to 10km.

Points Race
All skaters in a category start together for a fixed distance. On predetermined laps, the first competitor across the finish line will receive points. Points may remain the same or increase during the course of the race. Placement is based on the total points earned. Typical distances are 10 to 30 laps.

Miss and Out
In this mass-start event, the last skater across the finish line each lap is eliminated. When 5 competitors remain, they will receive a free lap to recover. After the free lap, the skaters will receive the bell indicating one final lap to go. They will then sprint to final placing.

Win and Out
In this mass-start event, all skaters begin by skating a fixed distance. On the next lap, the first skater across the finish line places first and is removed from the race. The remaining competitors continue with the first skater across the line each lap receiving placement and removed until all have finished.

Unknown Distance
When this mass-start race begins, skaters do not know length of the event. They continue to skate until the officials ring the bell. From that point, competitors have one remaining lap to go in which they sprint to the finish.


Individual awards will be based on the total points earned from an Omnium. The Omnium will consist of 3 events TBA.

Points in each Omnium event will be given to the top 4 finishers 7-5-3-1 for 1st through 4th place, respectively. Awards will be given to the top 3 individuals in each category based on total Omnium points.

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