Tuesday Night Spring Racing Series
San Diego, CA - April 16 through May 28, 2002     T   R   S  
San Diego Street Elite

The Tuesday Night Racing Series at the San Diego Velodrome was split into two shorter series for 2002. The Spring Series started on April 16 and ran every other week through May 28, 2002.

Coming into the series finale, Carl Yee and Howard Yeh were tied for the lead with 44 points each. Brandon Thorsten, with 28 points, had third place secured.

The first of three races that night was a short, 2-lap scratch race. At the start, Howard took off like a bullet, gapping the rest of the field. Carl was able to catch after a lap and drafted. Coming into the final sprint the two were side-by-side with Carl victorious by just a wheel.

In the 6-lap snowball the pace was significantly slower at the start. Brandon claimed the first lap and Howard took the second and third laps. Carl finally challenged Howard on the fourth lap, but Howard won by just a wheel. Mathematically, Carl could still win the event by winning the last two laps. Realizing this, both Carl and Howard sprinted hard for lap 5. It was so close that neither skater knew who had one it, so both continued to race hard for the final lap. Howard crossed the line ahead of Carl for the win.

So going into the final event of the evening and the series, Carl and Howard were tied. Therefore, the judges started them together in the 3-lap handicap. When the whistle blew to start the race, both took one step and stopped! This was going to be a strategic race since neither wanted to lead. A follow-the-leader game ensued as the two skaters weaved from side to side across the flat apron and up onto the banked track.

This continued for a lap until finally Carl shot down the top of the steepest portion of the track onto the apron. As Howard pursued, Carl immediately slowed down Howard reluctantly took the lead at a slow pace.

Now with a little over a lap left to go, everybody knew something had to happen. However, Howard simply skated slower and Carl was content to follow. Then Howard suddenly slowed almost to a stop. Carl, right behind, was forced to push him forward. That's when Howard took off! Because of the bump, he started off with a gap. Carl was able to bridge. Going into the final sprint, Howard crossed the finish line ahead of Carl for the series victory.

After three of four events, Cyndi Matsuda had a considerable lead among the women. But since 21 points could be earned in a single night, the races were on. Tara Yee, Carl's wife, was not far behind in third place.

Cyndi, a new racer with considerable speed, won the 2-lap scratch. The second event for the women was a 4-lap points race, which Cyndi also won. In the 3-lap handicap, Tara surprised everybody by beating Cyndi to the finish line for the win. Overall for the series, Cyndi was the winner and Tara third in points.

Thanks to the San Diego Velodrome Association for hosting the Tuesday Night Racing Series again this year. What an exciting finale for the spectators and competitors. After a month break, the Summer Series will start on Tuesday, July 9 and run through August 28, 2002. See you then!

Complete results and series information can be found on the SDSE web site at http://www.sk8.org.

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