Lake Murray San Diego Street Elite

Location: La Mesa.
Route: Bike path, but not a complete loop.
Distance: 4 miles out-and-back.
Terrain: Mostly flat. Very curvy.
Pavement: Mostly smooth bike path.
Traffic: Heavy pedestrian, especially on weekends.
Last Updated: Sun Nov 4 18:34:39 PST 2001
        Lake Murray is similar to Lake Miramar, but its path does not form a complete loop. Because of its heavy elderly and weekend warrior crowd, it is not a good place for cycling or speedskate training. However, it is a great place for recreational skating convenient to East County residents.
        There are restrooms and water fountains by the main parking lots.
        From I-8 exit at Lake Murray Blvd. and go north. Up the hill turn left at the traffic light intersection for Lake Murrary Park. The path begins at the innermost parking lot.

1 The path begins here. Caution: The main parking lot is very rough with gravel. There are restrooms and water fountains here.
2 The path ends here at the fence. You may return the way you came.

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