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        The warm and dry climate makes southern California an excellent area for many outdoor activities, and San Diego is no exception. The county offers many places to skate, each unique in its own way.

Trail Skating
        These locations are suitable for speedskating and training. They are usually well-maintained dedicated bike paths or roads with little or controlled traffic.
1 Lake Miramar 4 Silver Strand
2 Mission Bay

Road Skating
        These routes are usually on bike lanes along the shoulder of the road. Skaters should be comfortable dealing with traffic, restricted space, and debris.

5 PCH: UCSD to Solana Beach 7 Gilman Bike Path
      PCH: North County (not pictured) 8 Coronado Island
6 UCSD Campus

Recreational Skating
        All of the trail skates at top are also great places for recreational skating in addition to those listed below. These locations are not suitable for speedskating or training.

9 Lake Murray 10 San Diego Bay

Recreational Skating - Solicitation for Additional Places
        SDSE would like to expand its list of places to skate. In particular, we know that there are many dedicated bike paths in the county that may make for a good, quick skate for nearby residents. If you have recommendations for a dedicated trail that we don't have listed, please send us an e-mail at The paths we are currently reviewing are:

11 San Diego River Trail (Ocean Beach)
12 San Diego River Trail (Fashion Valley)
13 San Diego River Trail (Mission Valley)
14 Shelter Island
15 Sweetwater River Trail

        Additionally, many roads in San Diego county have marked bike lanes which are suitable for the experienced road skater. Join us on our skates of the above routes or others which are too complicated to describe here. Many of our road skates are best done with the company of an SDSE member as a guide.
        Please note that according to California state law, it is illegal to skate on streets, including bike lanes, since skaters are classified as pedestrians. Unfortunately, the city of San Diego follows this strict interpretation if you choose to skate within their city limits. However, enforcement is rare if you skate responsibly.
        Skate safely and have fun!

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