Gilman Bike Path San Diego Street Elite

Location: UCSD to Pacific Beach.
Route: Gilman Dr. and Santa Fe St. with a dedicated bike path connector.
Distance: 2.5-miles one-way.
Terrain: Moderate hill.
Pavement: Gilman Rd: Rough. Bike path: Mostly smooth. Santa Fe St: Smooth.
Traffic: Heavy vehicular on weekdays. Light on weekends.
Last Updated: Sun Apr 17 18:08:58 PDT 2005
        This route travels what used to be the Pacific Coast Highway before UCSD and I-5 were built. The bike path is the primary non-vehicular coastal connector between UCSD and points north with Pacific Beach and points south. A gradual hill the whole way from UCSD down to Pacific Beach.
        No restrooms or water fountains are available on this section of the route.
UPDATE: Sun Apr 17 18:08:58 PDT 2005
        South-bound (downhill) Gilman Dr. has become so rough underneath the La Jolla Village Dr. overpass that we can no longer recommend this route except for the most experienced roadskater. North-bound is still reasonable.
        As an alternate route for those familiar with the UTC area, take Voigt Dr. across I-5 on the UCSD campus. From there, head south on Regents Rd. Caution: Heavy traffic on Regents Rd. You will go through several lights. Turn right when Regents Rd. ends at Arriba. Turn left when Arriba ends at La Jolla Colony Dr. Caution: Downhill to a 3-way stop ahead. Turn left at the next stop sign to continue on La Jolla Colony Dr. La Jolla Colony Dr. will end at the I-5/Gilman interchange. The bike path will be on your left.
UPDATE: Sun Apr 17 18:08:58 PDT 2005
        Construction continues on the La Jolla Village Dr. overpass to add an additional lane. Along with the aforementioned rough pavement, be careful through this section.
        Start from UCSD or Mission Bay.

1 South-bound: Not recommended: Extremely rough downhill, especially underneath the La Jolla Village Dr. overpass. Starting point is the same place as point 4 on the UCSD skate.
2 South-bound: Caution: Extremely rough pavement crossing the 3-lane on-ramp and underneath the I-5 overpass. Traffic is very heavy here on weekdays.
3 The bike path begins here.
4 The bike path ends here. Proceed south on Santa Fe St.
5 At this 3-way stop, turn right onto Damon Ave. to pass underneath I-5.
6 Damon Ave. ends at the next traffic-light intersection. Cross E. Mission Bay Dr. to meet up with the beginning of the Rose River trail. Caution: Bumpy pavement. Follow the trail under Garnet and Grand Aves. This will put you at the same place as point 3 on the Mission Bay skate.

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