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        San Diego Street Elite organizes group skates during the week to encourage training together. The skates described below have been held on a regular basis in the past but contact the club for latest information as there are likely to be changes to the program. Besides the organized skates weekdays before or after work, some members who are unable to attend train independently elsewhere, but would always welcome the company of another skater. On weekends of races or special events or holidays, there may not be any weekend skates.
        If you'd like to join us, please contact us to confirm a particular skate. Participation is usually lower in the winter with reduced daylight hours, cooler temperatures, and inclement weather.

Current Training Sessions:

        Silver Strand -- Flat and fast bike path with light traffic in the morning. Best to practice top-end speed and technique. 22 to 25 miles, depending on route, and may be less if you simply turn back earlier. Several groups may form pacelines at different speeds from quite relaxed to really hammering This is the best skate for the beginning speed skater. Meet at 8:00am in the Burger King parking lot as described in the Coronado Island skate. This is the core skate of SDSE and takes place almost every Saturday, year round.

Past Training Sessions (not currently active, but could be revived if there's interest):
        Torrey Pines -- Starting from UCSD head north along PCH up the coast. Very hilly, but scenic and cool in the early-morning hours. 20 miles returning from Solana Beach. Skate away at 6:00am.
        Fiesta Island -- Skate multiple laps along the flat and fast road course before work around around Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. Meets at 6:00am.
        Lake Miramar -- If members can make it to the lake only one day a week after work, Thursdays is the day. Skaters start showing up as early as 3:30pm and are out until sunset. Most try to meet at 5:00pm. Approximately 5 mile loop, do more laps for more mileage.
Also Tuesdays at 5:00 pm for those wanting additional practice or can't make it on Thursdays.  This skate is more popular in the summer when sunset is later.
        Mission Bay to UCSD -- Starting from Mission Bay, skate a couple of laps around Fiesta Island and then head north to the north end of UCSD via the Gilman bike path. Approximately 25 miles round-trip. Meets at 6:00am.    
        North County Coastal -- Starting from Carlsbad, do a short skate north to Oceanside before heading south on PCH. Moderately hilly, but scenic roadskate. 27 miles returning from Leucadia, 33 miles returning from Encinitas, depending on route. Traditonally met at 8:00am on Sundays.Sundays
        Sunday Skating Workout -- The Sunday Skating Workout usually starts in La Jolla near the UCSD campus but occasionally may meet on the 56 bike path. The program is varied, mixing in hill work, speed intervals, and other training drills into the skate and trys to enable skaters at different speeds to work together through structured exercises. Some Workouts do all or part of the Torrey Pines skate. Meeting time also varies, usually 8:30 am but skates on the 56 path may start in the early evening. The week's program is posted on the SDSE mail list.

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